words by Celine Wong
illustration by Lihua

When art and fashion collaboration is discussed, often luxury clothes and accessories are considered such as Louis Vuitton X Takashi Muramaki – or a beautiful photograph with fascinating illustrations. Art and fashion encourage different perspectives. Fashion, however is not defined just as clothing, it can also be bags or forms of decorative art. It is believed that it is a mirror of what has happened in each era, as Roland Barthes (1964) claimed, fashion is a form of semiology which is sign of cultural changes.

The crossover between contemporary art and fashion is an import- ant phenomenon in the global economic climate. This collaboration can dictate fashion trends. On the other hand, the expansion of creative fields inspires people, which makes art inhab- it broader spaces, and gradually filter into every- day life. In light of this, the current and unusual collaborations happening in the fashion industry will be explored. This publication will highlight art fashion collaborations which go beyond the typical work of the artist and fashion designer and create a unique and unusual dynamic. Fashion is not only about clothing, but about lifestyle and experiences that go deeper than just visual aesthetic.

Elsa Schiaparelli X Salvador Dali

Mag_Shoe Hat
If the collaboration between fashion and art is currently at a peak, it’s by no means a new phenomenon. Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the most imaginative and prominent fashion figures working between the two world wars. Her whimsical nature was perfectly suited to the genius of Salvador Dali who inspired some of her best-known works.

In Schiaparelli’s impressive catalogue, you will find wonderfully surreal Shoe Hat, made by Schiaparelli and designed by Dali. The hat, fashioned into a woman’s high-heeled shoe, and featured in Schiaparelli’s Fall-Winter 1937-38 collection.

Yves Saint Laurent X Piet Mondrian


The iconic A-line cocktail Mondrian dress broke new ground for the future role of art in fashion. It considered the changing dynamics of the art and fashion worlds, and showed mutually beneficial collaborations as a new type of fashion. It was the first time Mondrian was involved with the fashion world. This style in fashion and art today created interest and sparked a new trend. Be it colour or the shape of an entire structure with comprehensive idea, with the simple and clean design to produce distinctive modern form, and finally get rid of the traditional style. It suited the future Modernism trend, and influenced the whole modernist design movement, also contributing to the innovative thinking of future designs.

Yayoi Kusama X Louis Vuitton


Following a collaborative artistic retrospective of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton celebrates her unique style with the Infinity Dots collection.

Kusama had built Louis Vuitton into a colourful and fantasy wonderland feel with her “dots” symbolic Kusama’s dots had inspired Marc Jacob to invite her to create a different world of Louis Vuitton. It was probably the largest fashion and art collaboration of Louis Vuitton, from the leather goods, ready-to-wear, bags, watches and other accessories had full of the polka dot patterns.

According to a release, Jacobs is a longtime fan of Kusama and visited her studio in Japan in 2006. “ The obsessive character and the innocence of her artwork touch me,” Jacobs said. “She succeeds in sharing her vision of the world with us”. So it follows that “obsession” and “seriality” are the starting points for the collection.

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