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Aside from the salubrious parks that Bangkok is blessed with, one can be forgiven for thinking that there is limited care and attention applied to the city when looking through objective eyes on a hot, dry day in the Big Mango. There is a lot of dirt, dust and debilitating detritus. It is relatively easy to assume that there is little being done and the only glimmers of cleanliness are in direct proximity to a sparkling new mall or hotel.

This condition does not typically affect most tourists, locals and expats as the majority are too busy and swept up in their own challenges to think and see a little outside the box. Despite this slightly negative outlook, there are a number of organisations and establishments that are committed to fighting back the murky tide and living a cleaner and more sustainable life.

Bangkok Farmers Market
Having just celebrated its first birthday, this event has expanded exponentially. Usually held on the last weekend of the month, this market truly brings eco-friendly and sustainable living to the urbanites. In the heart of downtown Bangkok on Sukhumvit soi 26 is where you’ll find this growing collective and the embarrassment of goods and treasures.

The ironic juxtaposition of this and the surrounding supermarkets and malls are too close to ignore, but one thinks that this works well to drive home a message too. The essence of the market is to bring community, commodity and continuity to the heart of the Metropolis but without the pretence and pricing that is usually dragged to the fore with less honourable and homogenous attempts at these types of events.

People come from far and wide to peddle their wares and many expats can be seen trading on the temporary shop floor too. It’s a great place to shop, to network and to meet new like-minded friends and acquaintances. In just one year, the growth of ancillary classes and entertainment aspects have turned a quick trip to buy some bread and cookies into an all day affair.

Building the community around the commerce was the overall goal – delivering sustainable organic produce to the community has been thoroughly fulfilled. Both ideologies continue to grow and evolve too. The founders have already begun the same principle in Hua Hin and expect to move to new towns and cities across Thailand and beyond..

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