Spotlight On: Verapat Sitipol

Nature Captured on Canvas

Words by: CARIS CRUZ

A movement of colours, a dance in the woodland, the changes in abstract; all these are interpreted in Verapat Sitipol’s latest art collection, The Forest Seasons. Pastoral details are pictured in drippings of oil on canvas, all in beautiful, radiant colours. In this work, Sitipol leads a walkthrough of innocent curiosity; of how the sunlight peeks through the leaves, a kaleidoscopic spectrum forming a tableau over what is normally, green and earth.

Sitipol successfully showcases nature’s different moods and its effect on even the subtlest details. Shadows of twigs and branches are captured in clear view, allowing one to inhale the magic which we tend to overlook. In winter, droplets of water reflect a rainbow of hues in the frost-bitten trees. Strong chocolate, sapphire and emerald colours float during springtime, while the rain flushes the well-illuminated scenes into blurry pastels. Sunlit forests welcome the vivid colours of yellow, while at night, flowers huddle into a romantic tone as it waltzes under the moonlight.

“How time determines the changing lines and colours of nature is what inspired me to create this new series of oil paintings called The Forest Seasons,” he explains. “For the past few years, I have largely isolated myself in a studio near the forests of Kanchanaburi province where I let myself be absorbed by the tropical seasons.”

“The deep green forests of the mountains, the changing colours of their leaves, the solid brown earth, the fogs that span horizontal space and distance – they allow freedom of my brushstrokes – and open my eyes to the ever-changing colours.”

“In them I deepen the understanding of abstract beauty and fulfil the aesthetic qualities of these present works.”

The Forest Seasons is Sitipol’s “most stylistically definitive works to date.” The series made its debut in the Serinidia Gallery ANNEX and is now on display at the prestigious Sala Ayutthaya, adding 7 new paintings never before showcased in public.

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