Spotlight On: Thakoon Panigchul

Thailand’s Son Of Global Couture

He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, but there is no doubt that Thakoon Panigchul is Thailand’s own. The man behind the world-renown fashion label has slowly charmed the couture industry with his intelligent apparel construction and playful prints, warmly laden with detailed accents and billowing, ethereal fabrics.


His talent for fashion is probably rooted in his mother’s own profession; a seamstress originally based in Bangkok. As a child, Thakoon watched her sewing process, and was utterly fascinated at how the fabrics were put together to assemble a fine piece of a dapper coat.Fashion was his first love, but it wasn’t his first choice, career-wise. He finished his business degree at Boston University before he concluded that his heart yearned for something more tangible in textiles. His first landing in the fashion industry was as an associate features editor in Harper’s Bazaar; however, there again came a familiar feeling that pushed him to move onto the next step: designing.

After graduating at Parsons New School of Design in 2003, Panigchul bravely launched his first collection a year later, debuting under his very own label, Thakoon. He was 29, received no apprenticeship from any designer, and solely relied on his own aesthetics. But from that fearless day forward, he journeyed into the fashion scene with great leaps and bounds; he never looked back.

Whether by fortune, or some undisclosed conspiracy of the universe, Panigchul was discovered by Vogue’s infamous Editor; Anna Wintour; in his humble beginnings. His bright, vivid patterns swirling over well-constructed dresses and coats soon found their way into the market, and into the closets of many celebrities including among his first customers, Michelle Obama.

To date, the Thakoon brand is warmly embraced by the sparkly, high-end fashion world. Each design piece is clean, distinct and can easily be blended with other items from another collection. Panigchul manages to let his gift shine brilliantly on those who wear them; with tasteful cuts and construction, entirely inspired by the modern women of today’s world.


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