Spotlight On: Santi Lawrachawee


Speaking The Language Of Art

If art was a native dialect, Santi Lawrachawee speaks it rather eloquently. Constructing designs with more than just a brush, he makes use of different mediums to communicate a story as he allows onlookers to freely ponder, discern and react. His menagerie of visual narratives tickles the audience’s curiosity in a fresh, uncommon method that makes their exploration memorable.

  The word ‘typical’ is not his favourite. Growing up in a world where children are moulded into the same, straight cast, he decided to go against the flow of his family’s expectations. There was nothing beside him but Japanese animation, Hindu and Chinese mythological books and music from The Beatles. However, a string of epiphanies followed when his creativity was uncovered by a logo competition, and Lawrachawee considers it as a turning point in his career. “This was something that stayed with me and make a decision toward this path.” And on this creative path, he prospered. Time allowed him to refine his tastes and inspirations, giving him different choices on how to transfer emotions and expressions into a perceptible story. “It is like an equation that I find the correlation between things I think about and things I have,” he states, describing his thought process. “I find ways to visually express it, translating it in a particular degree that I want to communicate, depending on the context.” Now a prominent name in the local and global artscene, Lawrachawee uses his visual compositionsto depict various chronicles of society. He has joined hands with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) and has facilitated design conferences in and out of the country. Currently, Santi Lawrachawee is the head of Practical Design, a home-grown studio focusing on visual communication. He also contributes in developing young art fledglings in Thailand’s most outstanding schools,
including Bangkok University. Lawrachawee’s aim is to stimulate the local design community; inviting them to speak about their different disciplines, to reach out and rouse the world to creative inspiration.


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