Spotlight On: Kittipoom Songsiri

Delighting In Details

Words by: CARIS CRUZ

There’s a rare, exhilarating feeling in re-exploring the familiar. It is as if you are given a new vision; with joy and magic, you discover the wonders in the little things you often overlook. This newfound experience serves as a ballast to spark your creativity and inspire you throughout the day.

Such is the work of Kittipoom Songsiri, the man behind Thailand’s greatly awarded furniture brand, Karv Design. Helming at the intersection of fine, detailed craftsmanship and modern-day industrial use, Karv Design produces everyday objects in a fascinating yet practical approach. Taken from its name; the brand fashions out its products from Songsiri’s brilliant imagination and a skilful manipulation of wood.

Hangers, book stands, stationery racks and small furniture items are among Songsiri’s best works; paltry items, some may think, but it is the nugatory details that make life more satisfying. With his works, Songsiri demonstrates that design can incorporate a pleasant experience to our daily lives, adding a touch of humanity to lifeless objects.

He invites users to wonder with his smartly designed pieces. With Karv Design, Songsiri is able to bring out the child in everyone, albeit in a more efficient nature. In his world, tiny wooden desk boxes are more than your regular storage; they can resemble your pet or a whimsical little village. Hangers are not just dull corner installations; they can be made fit to a modern space, no matter how small. A small wooden table, with joints detached, can be moved and dismantled when not in use. Shelves in the shape of a ladder can carry different types of books and small items for display and organisation.

Other than showcasing his creative acumen, Songsiri asks users to embrace nature and welcome it into their homes. Oak, Walnut and Para plywood are among his favourite materials; elements straight from Mother Earth’s bosom. His well-wrought designs are silent messages; nature will be a part of human’s life, no matter how small.

By adding a dosage of passion into function, Songsiri places his heart in his craft; when it comes to good design, a little goes a long way. Kittipoom Songsiri is unerringly attentive to the extraneous and in doing so, produces a surprising kind of delight in the details of daily life.

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