Spotlight On: Juck Somsaman Reanimating The Homeland


His name is on the credits of many animation-based blockbusters in Hollywood; a long, impressive list which includes superhero flicks like Batman Forever, Daredevil and Superman Returns. He has
also lent his graphic design skills in making fun, live-action movies for kids and kids-at-heart; there’s Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, Garfield, Night at the Museum and Rango, just to name a few. But it doesn’t end there. Suponwich “Juck” Somsaman has many more animated movies under his belt; all of which are noteworthy, memorable and well acclaimed. But every hero comes back to his homeland, at some point. After swimming to the shores of Hollywood’s animation scene and rising up through the waves, Juck Somsaman plucked up his courage and decided to start anew, back here, in Thailand. Carrying with him seeds of ideas he gathered from his experiences abroad, he was eager to find new opportunities and prospects into which he could sow and harvest a new generation of animation geniuses. He resolved to cultivate a field. In 2006, Somsaman founded Monk Studios, an animation studio and visual effects boutique based in Thailand, as a primary ground for discovering and nurturing digital graphic talents and turns them into world-renowned animators. Enlisting help from his friends and colleagues in the U.S., Somsaman nurtures budding artistic talent with different animation methods and the latest technology in the digital field. Soon after a splash onto the scene, Monk Studios whipped up several forms of visual magic to enchant Thais with expressive, colourful adventures as they were lured into the animation world. Juck Somsaman’s goal is to establish Thailand as one of the best flourishing animation spots in Asia. Using homegrown creatives in content and production, his main motivation is to provide inspiring avenues for the younger generation of talents to be utilized. Monk Studios steadily pushes forward with big dreams, and it will be no surprise that the international market will soon gaze at Thailand’s visual design industry with fascination, and a big round of applause.


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