Spotlight On: Angelys Balek

Beauty Behind the Spotlight

Words by: CARIS CRUZ

Her mother wanted her to be a beauty queen. She has the face of a woman worthy to be Miss Thailand, but instead of pursuing the crown, she draws out a sceptre of another kind: a pen; by which she outlines her next artistic feat. There is power in beauty, but better yet, there is another power in boldness; Angelys Balek knows this well, as she chooses to work behind the scenes rather than walk on runways, basking under the spotlight.

After finishing her Fine Arts degree at Bangkok University, Balek further explored her talents as she entered the London College of Design. This experience merged her creative soul into her productive mind, enabling her hands and heart to work in accordance and produce a world-class collection which pierces through trends of current fast fashion.

It was in 2010 when Balek launched a clothing label under her own moniker, ANGELYS BALEK. There, she freely probed her fashion potential. Three years later, her endeavours paid off; she became a finalist of WGSN Global Fashion Award 2013 and lodged an anchor in the American fashion scene with her Fall/Winter collection.

Balek’s take on women and wearable pieces for them is what gives her brand a distinct flavour. More than just clothing, the items off her rack are works of art; an intriguing symphony of bold patterns, impressionist paintings and radiant colours which are truly eye-catching even from afar. Thanks to Balek’s strong art aesthetics, she infuses her own illustrations onto the fabrics, giving her clothes a rare charm.


Her muse is an urban female; smart, sophisticated yet playful and fun. These words are greatly reflected on her apparel, as well as her clients, including Giuliana Rancic, Jamie Chung, Maria Menounos and the Kardashians. Balek’s delectable apparel constructions and sultry silhouettes perfectly match the unique woman of today who is just like her: brave, bold and beautiful.

To date, Balek travels back and forth from her New York and Bangkok flagship stores while personally managing her company. Her 2015 Spring/Summer collection, Nostalgia, features a marriage of stark colours and jewelled tones, with hints of a great renaissance inspiration.

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