Magical Miskawaan


When planning a beach wedding, choosing the right location is just as important as choosing your dress.

While many resorts cater for seaside specials, they often lack the privacy and exclusivity of villas. A well established hot spot, Koh Samui presents a plethora of properties offering destination wedding packages, yet for many years now, one particular abode has remained at the top of the list. Nestled on the northern shores of Maenam, one of Samui’s most idyllic white sand beaches, the stunning Miskawaan villa complex is paradise found. Comprising 11 luxury villas ranging from 4 to 7 bedrooms with every last detail considered, Miskawaan is the perfect place to host, and house your entire wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon to boot.


2Each gated private villa affords sprawling common areas including living room, dining area, bar, swimming pool, garden, pavillion and fully equipped kitchen plus personal chef – all for the exclusive use of your group. What makes Miskawaan truly stand out from its competitors is the impeccable attention to detail by their experienced and dedicated wedding team who understand that when it comes to planning your most special day, it is the little things that matter the most.

As such, the flexibility of bespoke packages means you can literally have your hearts desire. From the stunning venue, friendly, professional service staff right down to the show stoppers, royal elephant ride, fire dancers or a stunning fireworks display, Miskawaan are expert at crafting seamless events to leave you with a lifetime of memories from your perfect day in paradise.

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