LUXURY MOTORS: Extex Super Yacht Fabric


With a company history steeped in Harrods and British Aerospace to Royal Households and English Heritage, Extex have recently developed a new range called Solar: a pioneering glow-in-the-dark fabric inspired by the ethereal nature of galaxies and star systems. Furnishing the most exclusive superyachts in the world for more than 20 years, Extex fabrics and cushions combine outstanding performance with a luxurious feel; made using advanced yarn technology to offer water repellent, stain resistant, light fast, pre-shrunk and machine washable fabrics.

The printing ink contains ‘photo-luminescent’ particles, which utilise solar energy to absorb light when exposed and emit light when the surroundings are darkened.


Pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, here we feature a plain short pile chenille available in 34 colours in Mull Moss and Solar by day, dusk, night and candlelight. Solar’s galactic spiral design is available in three light colour options; sandy hued Mars, icy grey tones in Neptune and cloudy creams in Venus.

Nirvana Yacht Photography:


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