The inaugural Luxury Living Awards starts here.  Are you amazing at what you do?  More to the point, are you the best in your industry?  If so, we would love to hear from you!

The Luxury Living Awards are a set of over 100 different awards across all the areas of the magazine that we serve.  Winners will receive a stunning certificate with “Winner 2015” and your company name for you to print as many times as you wish, plus badges for your social media pages and website.

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Display your award in pride of place to let your new and potential customers know you excel in one of the most competitive sectors to achieve in – the luxury lifestyle arena.

Submissions are open now and close AUGUST 20.

Here is the full list of award categories and their inclusions:

Beauty: includes body products, make up, spas, hair salons, and styling tools

Fashion: includes stores, brands, designers, tailors, and accessories eg. watches, jewellery, handbags, shoes, belts

Lifestyle: includes fitness, diet, wellness products, supplements, local activities

Travel: includes accommodation, dining and overseas activities

Dining: includes restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, producers, suppliers, importers and service awards

Arts: includes artists, exhibitions, galleries, performance arts and traditional Thai arts

Interiors & Design: includes interior decorators, landscapers, bespoke furniture and furnishing stores/brands/suppliers

Technology: includes wearables, household gadgets, computers, phones, apps and social networks

Motors: includes yachts, cars, boats, bikes, 4wd, 4×4, and decals or motoring tech

Property: includes developers, developments, villas, architects, construction teams, builders, maintenance, cleaning, agents, agencies and brokers

There are two ways to enter:

Self Admission 

  • You need to specify whether you are a PRODUCT or a SERVICE
  • You need to justify why you are the best. Things like photographic evidence, customer testimonials, any research proving the efficacy of your product/service, sustainable practices and green certification or social media presence are a good place to start.
  • If your service is EXPERIENTIAL in nature, you will need to provide for a Luxury Living staff member to verify your claims. We cannot award those who do not provide us with an opportunity to see for ourselves.
  • If you are entering a PRODUCT into the awards, you will need to submit a sample for trial.
  • Send your application including full name, company name, phone number and address to:


Reader’s Choice                                     

  • You need to specify whether you are nominating a PRODUCT or a SERVICE and supply us with their contact details.
  • You need to justify why you think this person or company deserve an award, and if possible back it up with photos of your meal or a rave review you have previously posted on Trip Advisor or similar.
  • Send your submission including your full name, address and phone number to – if your nominee is chosen, we will courier a copy of the magazine announcing winners straight to your door!

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**Anonymous submissions will not be accepted

**Submissions close August 20.  Entries after this date will not be considered..

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