The newest and agruably most unique luxury property Phuket has to offer, Keemala is a stunning vision of natural beauty encapsulted in a series of extraordinary pool villas.

Nestled well away from the crowds and overlooking Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea, Keemala is nestled within lush woodlands, with conceptual design unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Inspired by the whimsical histories of bygone forest dwellers whose lifestyles were closely linked to nature and their environments, the villas follow the facets of nature from the earth, trees and sky as the property immerses guests in an enchanting evergreen wonderland.

The concept focuses on enhancing your quality of life. For fun seekers the resort is close enough to Kamala Beach, Patong Beach and the and all the dynamic action that Phuket has to offer, yet far enough removed to step back and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the rainforest, with a plethora of holistic activities and cuisine to aid wellbeing.


Perfect for a romantic getaway or a special occasion with friends and family, the earthy pod-like secluded dwellings are so enchanting you may never leave the sanctuary of your private pool.

The property features 16 ‘Clay Pool Cottages’, reflecting the earthiness of the ‘Pata-pea’ clan who believed in a strong connection to the earth and were leaders in agriculture at the time.

Moving up the land are 7 Tent Pool Villas, inspired by the ‘Khon-Jorn Clan’ (Wanderer Clan). Due to their nomadic ways they’d prefer to construct semi-permanent homes, so they could easily move on. The Tent Pool Villas incorporate highly textural interiors to highlight their pursuant lifestyle.

Elevated on the sloping plot you will find seven, two-storey ‘Tree Pool Houses’ These represent the ‘We-Ha’ people who worshipped the universe and chose to live suspended from the trees to be nearer to the sky. A clan of healers, creators, architects and inventors, the design of the tree houses echo their innovation and are seemingly suspended from the trees, accessible by a skywalk.

Lastly, the eight ‘Bird’s Nest Pool Villas’ are inspired by thr ‘Rung-Nok’ community. This group enjoyed an opulent way of life compared to other clans. Thus the interwoven design of their homes was to aid protection and privacy.


This clan was thought to be more superior in both intellect and spirituality, comprised of artists, poets, musicians, philosophers and astrologers. They believed that the future could be predicted from astrology. They would bathe under the moonlight believing that their souls would be replenished.

With such a strong concept and design ethos, Keemala is set to be Phuket’s most desirable destination for nature lovers, alternate healthers and those looking for a truly enchanting wonderland.

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