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With an impressive resume of previous experiences at L’Occitane and L’Oreal Paris, Dao Siam has evolved as a luxury all-natural cosmetics supplier to over 50 5-star resorts and hotels, to now bring their beautiful products direct to the consumer – with an exciting experiential twist. Dao Siam showcases a boutique laboratory located in Chong Moen, Koh Samui where customers can witness the manufacture of their own cosmetic products!

Whilst the “all-natural” claim is one many choose to tout, owner Herve Droin’s exacting standard has led him to source up to 90% of higher quality products offshore, which may not be as inexpensive as local alternatives, but suffer no lack of integrity or purity. All Dao Siam products are certified free from parabens, mineral oils, palm oils and offer completely transparent production – anyone can be assured of the safety and premium caliber of these beautifiers.

The Dao Siam laboratory is where Herve and his assistant Nico dream up delightful concoctions to stimulate the senses and revive the body and mind. A carefully selected range of sulphate-free shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, moisturizers and massage oils tease the imagination with names such as Thai Flowers, Jasmine Massage Oil, Coconut Body Scrub, and cooling Aloe Vera Gels. From here Dao Siam can create gorgeous custom packages or gift-baskets and ship to anywhere in Thailand.


ALOE VERADao Siam Aloe Vera Gel is unique with their respect to the character of the Aloe plant. A popular treatment for sunburn and sensitive skin, most Aloe Vera gels on the market contain chemical bulking agents to strengthen the watery consistency into a malleable gel; which often leaves a tacky residue. The Dao Siam Aloe Vera Gel is emboldened only by a natural xythan gum imported straight from South Africa maintaining the natural water content of the plant and leaves no trace of sticky remainder behind.  

Does it work?

The Dao Siam recipe turns out an aqueous gel that post application revealed no gluey feeling left behind; only softer, cooler, more moisturized skin. Perfect for all ages and safe to use on even baby’s skin. After a hot day in the sun, this liquid gel is the ideal drink for thirsty, irritated or sensitive skin. Versatile enough to even be used as a massage medium, keep this in the fridge for an extra cool refreshing treat.


scent is a specially formulated blend of tropical Thai flowers, carefully selected for their combination of top, mid and base notes which marry together a fresh, sweet symphony of delicate florals to invoke the spirit of Thailand.


How do you use it?

Simply apply to the skin with warm water in the bath or shower and lather to your satisfaction. The sugar-derived surfactants soon develop a rich creamy foam, gently cleansing the skin of impurities whilst leaving the skin’s natural PH balance intact.

Does it work?

The added benefits of Aloe Vera and vitamin B5 have been added to a wheat protein/honey complex to ensure maximum hydration of the skin, which leaves skin soft and supple upon stepping out of the shower, never tight or itchy. The heady scents of native Jasmine, Dok Moke and Dok Peeb leave a delightful bouquet in the steam filled bathroom – a beautiful perfume that stays with you all day. While all-natural shower gels and soaps often have a disappointing watery texture or lack-lustre fragrance, Thai Flowers offers a robust cleansing gel with an enchanting smell that invites the tropics into your daily routine.


is a dreamy creamy mixture designed to restore skin’s natural glow by polishing away the dead skin cells on the surface of the dermis. Coconut particles are mixed with a selection of healing oils, natural butters and nourishing vitamins to form a protective barrier and seal in the moisture.

How do you use it?

Simply buff the carefully prepared natural abrasives onto the skin in the shower. Pay special attention to areas of dry skin such as elbows, knees and feet. Then simply rinse clean to reveal brighter, softer skin with a kiss of a blissful coconut aroma.

Does it work?

Many cream scrubs are very heavy and clog the pores of freshly exfoliated skin with comedogenic oils and waxes. Not this. The cream is the perfect emollient to accompany the subtle grains of the coconut. As the cream melts into your skin releasing the heavenly smell of tropical coconuts, you will notice a little goes a long way and a small scoop can polish an entire body top to toe.

Best of all; it rinses away cleanly with no oily residue left on your hands or body, which are left spotless and silky. The only thing that lingers is the glow in your skin and a divine waft of coconuts that follows you closely all day long. Perfect to extend your summer holiday, even after you return home.

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