Aka Kuro Shiatsu Massage

Aka Kuro Shiatsu Massage

In the lovely land of smiles, a cheap massage is not hard to come by. Beachfront beds (and those of less repute!) are dime a dozen, appealing to a particular type of patron, failing to alleviate genuine pains or injuries.

But for serious hurt and harm, we want not only
treatment, but a proven professional solution that serves to reduce those other types of pain; fear of exacerbation or even worse, spending money with no respite. Peddled various myths in the course of their incubation; massage is frequently touted as “dangerous” for pregnant women – and indeed, in the hands of the inexperienced and untrained; increasing blood flow and muscular manipulation most likely is.

Fear of the unknown and ignorance of how to treat maternity abound; which offer little respite to aching backs, tearing ligaments and softening joints in the blistering Thai heat. However, pregnancy massage, when studied and applied attentively and sensitively offers abundant health benefits to expecting mum’s – most notably, immediate drug-free pain relief.

About Shiatsu
Through years of rehabilitating family and village members from rheumatoid arthritis amongst other injuries, inventor Tokujiro Namikoshi formulated an 80:20 ratio of pressure and rubbing to specific areas on the body. Unwittingly following meridian lines, he harnessed the energy required to release cortisons from the adrenal glands; reducing inflammation and swelling of the joint, attendant pain and swelling at the site of injury.

About Aka Kuro
A long-serving member of the European Shiatsu Academy, Pascal Wagenvoort’s shiatsu practice began in Holland. He eventually opened a beauty and massage institute with his wife Margy in 2000. Favouring the traditional Namikoshi style of treatment; in the past 14 years has continually furthered his learning in different shiatsu styles as well as deep tissue sports and various countries including Spain, Germany and Japan.

Shiatsu for Pregnancy
There are few gifts more precious than new life, and few occasions when a woman’s health is of higher priority than during pregnancy. It is also a time of increased risk, extraordinary aches and heightened vulnerability to ailments for both mother and baby. To create the optimal environment for the baby to thrive and develop, the body may need assistance in adapting to the physical demands of nourishing and protecting two beings at once.

Throughout his massage career and education, Pascal has undertaken specific training to treat pregnant women. Shiatsu improves a variety of complaints, including lower back pain, leg pain, constipation, heartburn, bloating and swelling, and in some cases, morning sickness. Some of his most loyal clients have been bedridden pre-natal patients and Pascal agrees absolutely that pregnancy massage is irresponsible and dangerous in the wrong hands. Identifying areas absolutely not to touch; unless inducing labour is the desired effect; he quickly hones in on pressure points that ease pains particular to maternity.

Working on the bump, achey strained stomach muscles stretched to capacity are gently coaxed into relaxation, easing the baby into the ‘head-down’ pose achieving what Pascal calls “soft belly.” For expectant mothers with squirmers, or those plagued with the pre-natal affliction of ‘right-side abdominal pain’ – this belly work provides remarkable relief.

Head, neck and back are treated from side on, with a cushion between the knees to support your lower back and belly comfort. Patients are often surprised with seemingly innocuous pressure points that soothe multiple stiff or stinging areas around the body. Lower back acupressure releases many kinds of cramp caused by the additional weight and swelling on the joints and the widening of the hips. Leg and feet work produces the most surprising results; improved blood flow and water retention elimination as the toxins exit the body.

Aka Kuro Shiatsu Massage meets the changing needs of maternity with immediate, drug-free pain relief as well as helping to extinguish symptoms of morning sickness. Those with other problems, muscular strains or sports injuries will also benefit from a highly trained and experienced Shiatsu masseur with professional European standard therapy. Add the luxury of convenience; attended by Aka Kuro at your own home / office / resort or hotel; and your treatment is entirely tailored to your wants, needs and availability. Call Pascal today to book your first appointment and enjoy better health, naturally with Shiatsu massage..

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