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Did you know that in 2014 the Asia-Pacific region has the highest concentration of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI’s) in the world?  We did.

LUXURY LIVING Magazine is the first and only content-driven property and lifestyle magazine on Koh Samui.  Written specifically for those with a high education and high disposable incomes; our magazine reader profile has money to spend; on entertainment here holidaying… and property; for higher returns on future visits.

Globally, Asian HNWI’s alone are focused on growing, rather than preserving wealth.

Our readers are constantly searching for new ways to increase the value of their investments. We aim to inspire creative and exciting new ventures through the quality of our content and research.  Our editors and writing staff hail from London to Paris, Vancouver, Singapore, New York and all over Europe. Credentials include award-winning architects, Fashion Week writers, published financial authors and legal investment advisors.  LUXURY LIVING Magazine is premium quality publication for a premium quality consumer.

We are the first local publication with secured distribution of 5 star outlets in 6 capital cities throughout Asia for the third edition.

With an artistic observance to a luxurious and tropical aesthetic, LUXURY LIVING Magazine is designed to ornament and entertain the coffee table of any interior space.  Our sample run of 10.000 books for the first edition is currently supplied to strategics partners such as Samui Airport, luxury real estate agencies, 5 stars hotels, resorts, spa, golfs clubs, and other selected properties to establish our local presence.

Issue #4 will be our greatest success – directly marketing Koh Samui property for sale and land developments to overseas investors when LUXURY LIVING is translated into Mandarin and published in Hong Kong.


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