A Magnum Opus



Hong Kong’s hilltop home to Asia’s most costly condos.

High above Hong Kong’s smogline sits a 12 storey residential goldmine. The Frank Gehry designed Opus Hong Kong is home to a slew of Asia’s most expensive apartments. 12 in fact, spanning 5,000-6,900sq/ft and each occupying an entire floor of the gently spiralling structure.

Most recently, the 5,444 sq/ft rooftop penthouse was snapped up for a mere HK$509.6 million, that’s around HK$93,608 per square foot. This transaction only narrowly beat the previous most expensive apartment sale of HK$497m some 6 months earlier at, yes, you guessed it – the very same building.


Hmm… US$65 million for an apartment seems a tad pricey you say? Well it is designed by Frank Gehry, the master of modern architecture responsible for some of the world’s most beautifully iconic eyesores such as the Guggenheim Bilbao, Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris – amongst countless others. To be frank, Gehry is nothing short of a genius and the obscene value of Opus Hong Kong is a testament to his legacy.

As of late 2015, the total proceeds from all 12 units tally up to well over half a billion US dollars. Not a bad little earner for developers Swire Properties who insisted that we mention were responsible for the re-development and the management of the property. That’s Swire Propeties. The same Swire Properties you’ll conveniently find at www.swireproperties.com


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