Words by: Caris Cruz

A vital commodity to every breathing creature, water pervades many aspects of our lives: from our inner beings, to our favoured dwellings.

Home water features invite the beauty and wonder of nature right into our most intimate spaces. The sound of the lapping water and or a tinkling of trickling droplets bathes us in a soothing state of Zen; a blissful embrace of peace and harmony. Created in many luxurious forms from baths to waterfalls, one can indulge in tranquility afforded by water-inspired spaces with utilities fit for function and decor.

Water features add more to a property than just aesthetics. With the right installation, homeowners can upgrade their estate from wanting to wonderful. Take a look at the many possibilities of infusing water features into a home, and perhaps swim into the thought of splashing out on an upgrade or two.

“With the right installation, homeowners can upgrade their estate from wanting to wonderful.”

A Warm Embrace

A hot soak in a jacuzzi is just as luxurious as a spa day out. The bubbling warm water steaming from a large tiled tub is more than a quiet indulgence; the healing benefits have been proven for decades. Stress is relieved as bodies are submerged under the water. The throbbing of the joints and muscle pains subside in the massaging liquid movement within the tub. Slumber hours are improved by taking a satisfying dip before sleep. Jacuzzi baths are ideal for enjoying; a water feature that can be placed both indoors and outdoors and will add appeal to every property.



Dip Into An Endless Dream

Homes with pools are ideal for young, fun-loving families that enjoy the outdoors. Basking under the sun, children and adults can revel in different water games while savouring grilled meals by the barbeque. It is a holiday experience within the confines of one’s own property, a notion which lures many homeowners to purchase real estate with such a water feature. But regular constructed pools have soon lost their charm at the arrival of infinity pools, a contemporarily designed water feature that harmonizes seamlessly with every setting. Thanks to its edgeless form, infinity pools present an illusion of water eternally cascading, granting users the chance to widen their boundaries while swimming luxuriously in the crystal waters. A property’s outdoor
space can turn into genuine seaside scenery with this water feature intelligently installed.

 Crystal Clear Drizzles


A gorgeous installation of clear glass which reflects ones refined tastes, glass showers are a new bathroom feature taking over the modern home. One can enjoy a spacious cubicle with a hint of minimalist architecture, ignoring the need for shower curtains and revel in the open freedom in your personal bath time. Users can choose from a plethora of glass facades, from plain acrylics to gorgeously drawn crystal walls, making regular showers an opulent moment of pleasure day after day. Regular bathrooms turn into handsome, edgy spaces; reminding users of a hotel experience right within their own abode. Well-designed baths, incorporated with modern showers such as rain sprinklers and trendy tubs, are plus points in any home.

Whimsical Garden Reservoirs


The constant gushing of water brings the magic of fairytales into any space. Fountains, if positioned correctly, create a regal dreamlike ambiance to any property as well as inviting the homeowner to explore their creativity. This water feature takes the spotlight for its quaint, oldworld charm, with the explosion of water reminding passersby to be one with nature. Its propinquity creates a calming effect; the beauty of the sculpture housing the sound of the rippling water. Avid hosts can turn regular outdoor corners into picturesque areas, making it a perfect spot for events, family bonding moments, or even perhaps even selfie sessions when entertaining guests. Fountains polish any property’s appearance, giving a magical, elegant appeal with its drizzling geyser.

Love for Aquatic Life

It has been strongly believed that Koi fish bring good luck to their master; a long-prevailing fable which has attracted many to adopt this marine life. Oriental legends branch out from one story to another, each tellng a narrative of how this whimsical swimming creature is of the gods. This belief is still embraced by many homeowners and fish enthusiasts, by which puddles and ponds are infused into landscape design to cater to this passion. But other than good luck and allure, Koi ponds reward homeowners with peace of mind as we allow our minds to wander with the lazy, winding path of the Koi’s swim. The sight of these pools invite a sense of calmness and tranquillity, as if silently asking each human being to stop, take a breath, and be inspired by the beauty of nature’s creations. Koi ponds are a natural attraction in homes, and current landscape arrangements allow a running stream of water for the fishes to roam freely around a courtyard water feature.


A Romantic Cascade

Waterfalls have been present in many European homes since the 20th century, a long-standing water feature that is still used in many homes today. Torrents of thin, clear water splash down, meter by meter; adding a dramatic view within blank spaces. When hidden within a garden, waterfalls recreate a miniature version of a well-preserved forest. It is best paired with a pond or a pool, emulating the unending course of natural rapids down into rivers and lakes. This water feature redesigns a busy, modern ambience into something more laidback; captivating the homeowners imagination, calling them to relax and rest, to slow down and ease into serenity. Modern waterfalls can be as elaborate as sculpted rocky rivers, or as downplayed as thinner cascading drizzles.
Both can be positioned inside a home or outdoors, with each type suitable for many different lifestyles.

Humdrum indoors and landscapes turn into melodramatic backdrops when equipped with water features. Honed with different orientations, water takes the spotlight as the element of life. It encourages creativity, promotes healing and welcomes tranquillity; blessing homes with a much-needed harmony that negates the adverse effects of modern lifestyle. The presence of water is a step towards wellness, both inward and outward; its dripping melody relaxes tension and reduces unfavourable thoughts and emotions. Water features refine our relationship with the elements; allowing one to admire, interact and dwell intimately with the beauty of nature..

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